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How to Replant Your Hydroponic Basil

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Have you ever thought that you can easily Replant Your Hydroponic Basil you bought from the grocery store? Most of the herbs we buy from the grocery store or your farmer’s market and have the roots attached were grown hydroponically. 

This means they were grown in a soil-less medium and their roots were submerged in water with a form of soluble plant nutrients added. In hydroponic systems can be used synthetic or organic granular nutrients.  

When you bring those herbs home you can replant them in a pot and continue to grow them! If all goes well, you could buy one bunch of basil and not have to buy it again for years which will save you money.

You can also fill a glass or a small vase with water – plain tap water is fine. It should be large enough to easily support the amount of basil you have.  

Sweet Basil originally native to India and has been cultivated for 5,000 years, it is a part of the Mint family (Lamiaceae).

Tips for a Successful Stress-free Transplant

  • Remember to always water your new transplant.
  • If possible, avoid moving between growing mediums.
  • For ease the transition you can apply natural growth hormones such as Azos and Mykos.
  • If the plant starts to wilt, water with a weak nutrient solution and check back daily for signs of stress.

Does Transplanting Stress Plants?

One thing to remember is that any plant can experience transplant shock. It involves failure of the plant to root well, consequently the plant becomes poorly established in the landscape.

Plants suffering from water stress may be more susceptible to injury from other causes such as the weather, insects, or disease. When several stresses are being experienced, the plant may no longer be able to function properly.

How to Avoid Transplant Shock

You can transplant your hydroponic plants to soil, but one thing to consider is that the plant has been in a controlled environment. When transfer plants from hydroponics to soil, avoiding shock in plants is almost impossible, but here are few tips to help you minimize the shocking effect to the plants.

transplanting plant from hydroponic to soil

How to Replant Your Hydroponic Basil Plants to Soil?

Replanting a hydroponic grown Basil plant into a pot with soil is not always successful, but using some tips can increase the success rate. Below are few tips to use when you Replant Your Hydroponic Basil to soil.

  • Use Seed Starter Mix
  • Water well and either place in a sunny location, or under grow lamp lights.
  • When it requires water, the leaves will begin to droop.
  • Water thoroughly after transplanting but if the bottom leaves turn yellow, this means that you are over watering the Basil.
  • When the weather has turned warm, bring the Basil plant outside in indirect sunlight.
  • You can plant the Basil in your herb garden in few days, when the basil plant will been conditioned to outside indirect light.

Pull the plant out of the hydro setup and sprinkle dry dirt on the roots. Optimally you’ll want to cover every root with a bit of soil so you’ll have nice dry, soil covered roots in your root ball.

Don’t worry if you break roots, just be sure not to leave a bunch of broken roots in the dirt.

Hold the plant over the pot with the roots in their final height and slowly fill in with moist soil until you’ve filled the pot.

Water thoroughly with a Vitamin B1 rooting hormone solution or fish emulsion and let it dry over the next several days.

Keep most of your media in tact and it will be fine with regular watering until established. Water prior to transplanting, and water in to reduce shock.

Tip: Basil can be stored in a ventilated plastic bag for up to two weeks if it is kept at about 60 F

After you Replant Your Hydroponic Basil if order to be successful you need to provide a good care to the basil. Basil is very sensitive and try to keep it where there is not so strong wind but still there is a good air flow.  

Clean around the plants well of any bad leaves as they tent to affect the leaves around.

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