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How to Transfer Plants from Hydroponics to Soil

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When Transfer Plants from Hydroponics to Soil you have to be careful since the plant had been in a controlled environment and the sun is too intense to leave your plant out in permanently at first. 

Transfer or called also transplanting is defined as the process of moving a plant out of one container and into another container. Transfer Plants from Hydroponics to Soil of from soil to soil follow same main tips for a successful transplant.

Tips for a Successful Stress-free Transplant

  • Remember to always water your new transplant.
  • If possible, avoid moving between growing mediums.
  • For ease the transition you can apply natural growth hormones such as Azos and Mykos.
  • If the plant starts to wilt, water with a weak nutrient solution and check back daily for signs of stress.

Does Transplanting Stress Plants?

Transplant shock is a term that refers to a number of stresses occurring in recently transplanted trees and shrubs. It involves failure of the plant to root well, consequently the plant becomes poorly established in the landscape. New transplants do not have extensive root systems, and they are frequently stressed by lack of sufficient water.

Plants suffering from water stress may be more susceptible to injury from other causes such as the weather, insects, or disease. When several stresses are being experienced, the plant may no longer be able to function properly.

How to Avoid Transplant Shock

You can transplant your hydroponic plants to soil, but you need to be careful as they have been in a controlled environment. With the proper care they can be relocated with the minimum stress. When transfer plants from hydroponics to soil, avoiding shock in plants is almost impossible, but here are few tips to help you minimize the shocking effect to the plants.

  • Disturb the roots as little as possible
  • If possible, avoid moving between growing mediums.
  • Bring as much of the roots as possible
  • Water thoroughly after transplanting
  • Make sure the rootball stays moist when transplanting

If your plant dies, try to determine what caused the decline of the plant: Not enough water? Too much? Plant not hardy to the region? Correct the problem before replanting with the same plant in the same spot.

transplanting plant from hydroponic to soil

How to Transfer Plants from Hydroponics to Soil?

Soak the whole plant for about half an hour to an hour. It won’t hurt your plant and will help it a lot to be completely saturated with water while it’s changing over to dirt roots. 

Make sure your soil is very fluffy and light. Pre-moisten it until you can sqeeze a handful of it and use this soil to fill your pot, minus the hole where the root ball will be going.

Pull the plant out of the hydro setup and sprinkle dry dirt on the roots. Optimally you’ll want to cover every root with a bit of soil so you’ll have nice dry, soil covered roots in your root ball.

Don’t worry if you break roots, just be sure not to leave a bunch of broken roots in the dirt.

Hold the plant over the pot with the roots in their final height and slowly fill in with moist soil until you’ve filled the pot.

Water thoroughly with a Vitamin B1 rooting hormone solution or fish emulsion and let it dry over the next several days.

Keep most of your media in tact and it will be fine with regular watering until established. Water prior to transplanting, and water in to reduce shock.

One of the most important parts of transplanting is timing. So how do we know when it’s the right time to transplant? In most cases, it is better to transplant early if you want to keep your plants growing at their maximum rate. 

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